Monday, November 1, 2010


Inside the tent - a medley of colours
Hodko is an amazing village situated in the Banni grasslands of Kachchh.  Originally a village of cattle rearers, it was hit by successive and intense drought some years ago.  With no respite in sight, people of the village decided to try their hand at some thing new - running an eco- hotel!
And what a wonderful place it is!  Built mostly of mud and clay, with luxury tents which serve as bedrooms, it is an imaginative and artistic creation.

The lovely clay bathroom

The villagers were aided by the government and  a non government organisation, but the setting up and running of it has been done by the villagers.  The profits are shared amongst them as well.

As you enter, you are cordially greeted and led to your tent.  Dinner (and all meals - wonderfully cooked) are in a semi-outdoor, covered area and in the evenings local musicians stroll down from the village to play some traditional music.
Meeting the musicians
Evening music

The night sky is overrun by stars.    There are no lights except for a few lanterns which are extinguished once the music ends. There is no sound now except for a few insects and the shouts of a watchman.
We breathe deeply the fresh desert air and drift off into a contented, dreamless sleep.

 Hodko in the morning 
I have just read that the Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA), a non-profit association  has announced the winners of the 2010 PATA Gold Awards (sponsored by the Macau Government Tourist Office). This year Hodko rural tourism resort has won PATA Grand Award 2010 in Heritage section.  Well deserved indeed!

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