Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meaty Matters

Markets have changed so much in the past few years.  This morning we parked outside a shop that had originally been a department store and was now a fancy food store.  There were signs outside advertising imported meats from France, Italy, Germany etc.  My driver and I were intrigued, for different reasons.  I was, of course, surprised that there should be sufficient demand for such  special shops in a local market.  My driver was asking me what it all meant.

"I've heard of meat from goats, sheep, pigs," he said, "But what is this meat from France, Italy, Germany?"  I struggled a little while trying to explain the concept of cold cuts, of why people might prefer those to freshly cut meat, of how the flavour of the meat was different depending on how the animals were reared and why people might prefer frozen or preserved meat which had a particular taste to fresh, local produce.

He understood but I'm sure he has no desire to taste any of it.  My driver is a hill person and a fairly good cook.  For him, the best way to eat meat would be to buy the fresh meat of a mountain goat and let it simmer with plenty of onions over a wood fire until it was tender. A satisfying no-fuss meal.

As we reached home, I realized that there were many other things I had missed telling him - the existence of turkeys, sausages and other meaty tales.  That will need another (very) long drive.

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