Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stray Garden Visitors

This has been a strange year for rains, half the country is flooded and the other half drought ridden.  In Bangalore we have had small showers periodically that have helped keep the heat away but there has been less rain than usual.  Now, towards the end of the season, the skies are suddenly filled with clouds and there are bursts and torrents of rain.  In between, the sun peeps out and there are moments of bright sunshine, leaving us all confused.  Do we keep the clothes out to dry or bring them in?  Do we need our sweaters or will it be too warm?  Can we step out without an umbrella or will we be caught in a passing shower?

The birds and insects seem all confused too.  Perhaps this is why they have been making short visits to our garden, to look around, forage or just to dry themselves and get their bearings.  Each time I step out I see something crawling or flying or sitting in the garden or on the trees around.  It is impossible to capture these moments in any way, especially as I end up startling the birds and causing the butterflies to gracefully drift away.  But I have captured perhaps a little of the mood of this season - the gentle millipede trundling around, the unusual insects - some that pay a solitary visit and some that come in swarms almost like flocks of birds.  The squirrels that are going crazy chasing each other up and down trees.

The orange aloe vera flowers that don't seem to mind the weather or swarms of insects.  The splash of white in the red ginger lily.  

I missed the koels, the parrots and the barbettes, which flew away as soon as I sighted them, but the bulbul was more placid and allowed me to take a picture as it sat looking around from its perch on the sandalwood tree.

Water droplets run off all the creepers and trees, some go down my neck as well, it's quite refreshing!  And then the sun comes out, suddenly all the colours change and it's a different world.

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