Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here Comes The Sun!

After more than three months of continuous rain and cloudy skies, we have the sun back again.  Not just peering through and sending a few weak rays, but gloriously beaming down on us.  What a tremendous sense of relief - and such delight to see blue skies once more.

The plants look up cheerily and my pots of sprouts perk up (I had begun planting them because it became impossible to buy good greens due to so much rain).

I open my cupboards, shake out my cotton sarees. These can now be worn, washed, starched and sun dried without a second thought.

I too have been hibernating in the grey gloom of cyclonic weather.  I celebrate these warm golden days (I don't know how many there will be before the winter rains begin!) by writing this little blog and beginning on a round of baking - crusty bread, crisp crackers and more..

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