Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting Back To My Garden

My garden has been woefully neglected for many a month.  It's true that it overflows with greenery, for this I have to thank my maid, who has been watering it periodically.  Many onlookers compliment me on this verdant patch in the midst of much concrete.  But I am not particularly happy with the way it looks.

A closer look will show that all the sensitive, delicate plants have long vanished, leaving not even a trace of their existence.  Only the hardy plants (fortunately quite a few of them) remain - those that can withstand two or three days of drought.  In place of the ones that have gone, my maid has planted lush looking stuff, which is reminiscent of tough weeds.  They eagerly and rapidly spread wherever they find a foothold.  Anyway, I don't criticize her, for she is doing her best, and she is not really a gardener.  But while stepping out, I often don't invest much emotion in the garden because after my wave of sadness and indignation passes, I feel like picking up my little spade and digging away - and there is really no time for such an exercise!

Today, having a few minutes to spare, my baby and I went into the garden.  He sat, peacefully (and curiously) surveying the scene while I watered my plants.  I could almost hear my garden heave a sigh of relief.  It felt so good, both to me and to my plants!  There was an air of contentment and tranquility that I had not sensed in a long time.  The cacti were thanking the heavens that they had not been inundated and the bamboo and lemon grass waved about happily, catching all the extra droplets that fell their way.

My lotus pond with its myriad coloured fish has been disassembled.  Everything had died out, leaving some straggling aquatic plants and I was afraid of breeding mosquitoes.  The pot lies overturned, in a corner, reminding me that in due course, it will need to be revived.  My baby loves looking at plants, feeling their textures, watching the stems quiver and vibrate when shaken.  I'm sure we'll have happy gardening moments together.  Until then, I have resolved to water the garden whenever possible and send happy thoughts and not regretful ones to all my plants, old and new.


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