Sunday, January 3, 2016

More on Dhakai Sarees

My blog on Dhakai sarees evoked an unexpectedly large response over time.  Many people wrote asking for more details, so I decided to put a few more pictures here.  These pictures are actually in response to a specific query and I have accordingly selected the sarees, but the range they have is wider than this.

The saree seller's name is Ranjit. He travels between India and Bangladesh, selling sarees that his family weaves.  The designs and patterns are changing; I note many larger prints and brighter colours, but there is enough, I think, to suit several styles and tastes.  The number of very traditional patterns is diminishing (perhaps as everywhere) and it is hard to explain to craftsmen the beauty of tradition when all around they see change (perhaps their customers too want different things each year).  Certain old colours (an orange, an onion skin) have vanished altogether, to be replaced by new, brighter pinks, maroons, turquoises and purples.

Anyway, I have taken some pictures, two of each saree.  The first (pictures on the left) showing in detail the border and a part of the main saree and the second (pictures on the right) showing the pallu (aanchal) of the same saree.  (Sarees number 2 and 3 are identical in pattern, one is off white and red and the other is off white and black) Here they are:

1) Mugai Tassar

2) Tangai

3) Tangai

4) Jamdani

5) Jamdani

6) Jamdani

7) Jamdani Badal lata

8) Jamdani Badal lata

9) Muslin

10) Muslin Jamdani

11) Muslin

12) Tassar Jamdani

After looking at all these, I couldn't help buying one of them!  Here is what I chose - a red and off white Jamdani.

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