Sunday, September 1, 2019

Kenny Bear Lends A Paw

My husband is travelling and my son, Nayan, is down with viral fever (103 for last two days, is getting better today).  Nayan misses my husband and keeps telling me of all the terrible things he is going to do to him once he is back!

Temperature monitoring and medicine and food giving are a challenge.  What does one do?

It so happened that Kenny bear fell ill at the same time (with a temperature of 1000).  Someone had to take his temperature and feed him and he needed someone to huddle next to. So Nayan came to the rescue.  Kenny bear loves honey, especially when it is mixed with ginger and basil.  So does Nayan.  Lucky, for both of them.

P.S. Kenny bear is also better today (temperature of 55) but fast asleep.

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