Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Thoughts In A Pandemic

Oh can you bring for me

Spray from the salty sea?

The sight of shifting dunes

Eight to ten midnight moons?

Oh can you bring to me

Creaks from the ancient trees?

Four songs the swallows sing

Flutters from new found wings?

Where does the silence lie

In me, or in the sky?

All things I long to see

Spring from old memory…


sumitanigam said...

Love it !

Niru said...

What a lovely poem, also enjoyed reading your blog! Dont know if you remember me, we were at NCBS together till I moved away to pursue a PhD in Germany. Recently I saw an article about your husband's work on the Covid vaccine and I thought of you and found your blog!

Sujata Varadarajan (Sujata Malhan) said...

Thanks, Niru! Yes, I do remember you, hope you are well.

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