Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't be in haste, to dump nuclear waste

Recently there's been a spate
Of unearthing radioactive waste
In the most unlikely space
People are in a stew.

Everyone's doling out advice
Some of it not very nice
I guess we have to pay the price
So let me add mine too-

Never sell cobalt as scrap
You may have to take the rap
If it turns up, after a gap
(It's really worse than flu).

Don't mix D2O in the pool
Though it makes the water cool
That sturdy swimmer is no fool
And he'll come after you.

Don't drop arsenic in the well
The water won't be all that swell
Besides, there is the lingering smell
Of bodies turning to goo.

A word on uranium-233
It's place is really not the sea
And fish, if asked, would rather be
In water not black, but blue.

And listen, do you have a plan
For that ol' restive thorium can?
Big Brother'll soon impose a ban
Unless he gets some too.

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