Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sights of Summer

Summer in Bangalore is very different from most other parts of the country. After an early hot spell, the rains begin- every few days at first and then every day by the end of May. As I write, the gulmohars are in full bloom, tamarind pods weigh down the branches of the (tamarind) trees, mangoes and jackfruit are making their presence felt (smelt would be more apt). Hmmmm- not just to people, for the monkeys are everywhere - and all kinds of insects as well. Flying ants after the rains with the inevitable hopeful-looking toads in tow. Snails, the occasional millipede and innumerable dragonflies, bees and wasps. Tiny, nectar-sucking birds hover over trees in the early morning, kites emerge later to fly through cloudy skies. And then the rain comes, washing it all down for the next day.

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