Friday, June 4, 2010


Gradually, I am noticing distinct changes in my Yoga practice. The days of pushing with all one's strength to attain a certain posture seem almost over. Instead, the emphasis has shifted to one of balance and relaxed breathing. Little tensions have to be released and the emphasis is on stretching and an expansive kind of opening, even for those chin-to-knee postures, which look so much like one is squeezed against oneself.

It is more about trying to make small changes to perfect postures and realizing that these require a large amount of focus and effort from within. It is also about understanding the purpose of each movement; no longer am I looking just at attaining the final position, but at the process involved in getting there.

There is a distinct lightness that overflows sometimes as a little laugh, but that generally expresses itself in a contented calmness inside me. I find that I am willing to accept myself as I am and move to strengthen and balance myself rather than wish that I could move or think differently - more fluidly or without pain. I am also learning that it is easier for me to release pressure and pain using gentleness rather than force - both in the body and the mind.

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