Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Football Dream

I wish that someday, at the end of a FIFA World Cup, once all the dust (and animosity) has settled, a post-final set of friendly matches could be organized. This would be without any countries and logos- just players who want to have some fun and spectators who wish to watch a little football action without having to strongly side with countries or teams.

I feel that the unerring sense of timing and skill, seen only in very few players, requires an emptying of the mind and a sense of judging the ball a few moments before everyone else can. Though these qualities can be fine tuned, I think they would work best when the players are stimulated yet relaxed and when they are actually enjoying the game instead of worrying about how their game is perceived. And so I think that if they could just play - with other talented and skilled people to unwind in a sense, to meet new players and just to have a little fun, we would see some very nice football.

There would be no need for media (in this utopian world!) and only people who want to watch the players in action would attend.

This is actually not so hard to do - it just needs willing participation and one extra day after the games to turn it into reality. Let's hope that one day it will be so!

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