Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nirad's World

Last year, I had asked a very unusual family friend, Nirad and his wife, Deepa, if they could send me a few pictures for my blog.  Nirad and his entire family, steeped in Kodava tradition, seem to respond to the call of animals in the forest, the splash of mahaseer in the Cauvery river, the gentle coffee filled slopes of Coorg more easily and naturally than the 'page three' Bangalore wining and dining news, where they are often featured.

Nirad might pass you by without noticing you in Bangalore's urban landscape for he has tremendous trouble with his eyes.  I can't figure out how he steers his way in the water or in animal filled jungles.  But he always returns with breathtaking accounts and pictures of all he has experienced.  He says he is not tech savvy, so his wife has sent me the only only photograph that they have downloaded onto their computer, which speaks for itself.

He has also written a brief account of a mahaseer fishing adventure in his typical matter-of-fact manner.  
Mahaseer, the giant, wily Cauvery river fish, are fished for sport, not meat,and once trapped, are released again into the river. 

This is a small glimpse into Nirad's world:

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