Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Things

Despite the brief spell of snow in the hills (and rain in the plains), the cold is on its way out.  The air is cool, but has lost its bite and the sun feels warmer every day.  The birds seem to have appeared in a sudden burst, along with the early spring flowers - sweet peas and pansies and velvety roses.  The air is heady with fragrance and with the smell of grass. It's wonderful to be outdoors, and Delhi still has several nice parks to walk in.  We are also fortunate to have a small park that begins at our back door, used mostly by little children who play while their maids sun themselves and gossip in a large group.

It's the last of the carrots and radish, fortunately the tender greens and crisp salady things will still be around.  The days of red meat are definitely numbered, my thoughts turn now to seafood, which is plentiful in this season.  Sweet river fish for the lightest, most delicate of curries, seafish, finely sliced for a fry or cut into chunks for a more robust curry.  Prawns that are at their best when they are lightly marinated and stir fried.  Rice reappears on the menu, after weeks of wheat, corn and millets.  Of course, the change is gradual, but distinct.  And this fleeting period is the best of both worlds - the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  Hurray!

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