Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garden Creatures in Action

Yesterday, in the early morning dark, we almost tripped over the bandicoot who visits our garden at night. We couldn't say who was more startled, but we all leapt up and fled in different directions.

However, apart from the marauding bandicoot, the mischievous monkeys and the cacophonous ravens, there are many other creatures who visit our garden - quieter, gentler ones. I try to capture them in images with my camera, but for each picture taken, I miss about five others! It's difficult to take them in action, especially with a tiny, basic camera. By the time I manage to focus, they scurry or fly away in alarm and I don't want to disturb them each time they appear. I have a small plan to counter some of these problems - but more on that in a later blog (once I have tested my ideas)!

So, I am putting up a few pictures of some garden visitors - some are transient visitors and others seem to have made themselves quite at home here with us.

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