Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Garden in the Monsoons

We are in the midst of the monsoons; I'm loving it and so is my garden. I haven't done a thing to it in the past few weeks yet it looks so happy and alive. Rain is marvellously renewing.

Flowers that used to wilt rapidly earlier can stare into the sun without too much trouble, perhaps they know that it will rain soon and all the heat will melt away.

Leaves look greener and glossier; even the cactus acquires a jaunty air.

The guppies in the water pond (yes! last month I bought a couple of couples and now the pool is filled with baby fish) swim out onto the water lily leaves, which serve as tiny shallow pools. The older fish love to float about in these and I can get quite close to them without them fleeing in alarm.

The air is full of moisture and delicious scents and promises of more wondrous rain.

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