Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Diwali comes with grey scudded skies, a lingering drizzle that dampens momentarily the fireworks, but brings a bracing breeze. This year our family is scattered, travelling to places near and far on Diwali and so we celebrate in a quiet way at home.

Today I clean the house and do a small puja - to welcome wisdom, health and prosperity into our homes and hearts. Ancient chants that calm the mind and renew the spirit.

Lights of course there must be. Reminders of love, gentleness and purity, flickering in the breeze as night falls. Lighting up the world and oneself is easy if we follow our spirit, as today reminds us.

Food! Today I have tried something different - my own concoction of milk infused with rose petals and set into a thick curd; we shall have it with honey and nuts once the prayers are over. For dinner - small puffed puris and potatoes cooked in curd and spices that whet the appetite.

A burst of sparklers, a splash of colour and sound, a faint whoosh as a rocket flies past - a few fireworks that we light with friends in celebration.

Happy diwali!
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