Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Diwali Celebrations

Our Diwali this year was spent in meeting friends, exchanging sweets and news and, in the evening, in decorating and celebrating at home.

We celebrated this year with lots of flowers, incense, prayers and a few beautiful fireworks for that festive feeling.

As evening fell, the oil lamps shone and we had no need for any other lights.

It so happened that many of our neighbours were away and our terrace and garden were lit only by a few oil lamps and clusters of flowers. Perhaps this is why we had a few unusual Diwali visitors - a kite looking for a peaceful, high perch, a mangy dog, trembling in fright at the sound of the fireworks and a millipede that had miraculously avoided being crushed in the rush of busy feet on the road.

I do not believe in swinging to extremes; I think a few fireworks add to the celebration but I do sympathize with all creatures who are frightened and disturbed in the process. It would be nice if we could burst crackers in places where animals are few and keep certain stretches of space clear for all who need a peaceful spot or perch. That, in my mind, would be the best way to light (and lighten!) up things around us.

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