Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bangalore Blues

Summer comes to Bangalore much before it arrives elsewhere - bestowing brilliant night skies, bright yellows, pinks and reds on trees and just a bit later- mangoes! But summer brings with it parched throats (I never realized until I put up my birdbath how many thirsty bees and wasps lived near my house), sweaty clothes - and blues. Swimming pool blues. Blue sky blues. Jacaranda blues. Missing old summer holidays (and family) blues. Deep rooted, heart felt, long lasting blues that only this warmth and sunshine can induce.

In response, I bake new breads, plan for my approaching vacation, invite friends home for meals, soak mangoes and grapes in cool water for breakfasts and dinners, soak myself in cool water after sweaty yoga sessions. And redesign my blog. My blog is soft and bluesy, I think. (The picture is from my recent trip to Himachal). Do take a look!

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