Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Summer Garden

We have had a long, hot summer without the intermittent rains that normally come.  There were clouds and hints of rain, an occasional drizzle, but nothing substantial.  My garden managed to survive because I was generous with water and nutrition despite the water shortage all round (everyone in Bangalore is buying water this summer - a sombre sign of things to come if we continue unsustainable development).  A spot of greenery is a welcome respite from the summer sun, insects and animals were grateful for it as well.

The frangipani trees have grown very tall and I had to re-pot them, in huge containers that I hope, will not have to be changed again.  They have just begun to flower and their fragrance spreads all over the garden.  The queen of the night creeper adds its heady nocturnal perfume.  Gulmohar trees nearby send down orangey-red flowers like sparks and little fire-wheels and I plunge them into water where they float about happily.

The lotus has begun to flower again, it seems to enjoy the summer sun.  My bird bath has frequent visitors especially as there is a huge bee hive behind my house and a wasp nest on the window sill.  Figs are ripening, bats and squirrels are regular visitors.

These are some pictures from my summer garden.  Last night we had our first shower that brought about earthy smells and a delicious coolness.

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