Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Morning

I woke up one morning
To find that my forest had gone

The deer had all scuttled
Before the break of the dawn

Lions that lay by me
Looked utterly weary and worn

The men that came last night
They sang as they cut along

They tore down the forest
Dammed up the river and all

The elephants upstream
Are trapped by a concrete wall

We walked side by side by
The stream that slowly dried

Without food and water, we dropped
And we soundlessly died

We heard they swooped on us
Sold our teeth, also our skin

They couldn’t sell our dreams and
All that was left within

We gathered our souls though we
Couldn’t gather our hides

Took what remained of our spirit
And all that was left of our pride

The dead elephants called us
The deer shrieked and the birds cried

We silently moved till we
Crossed the threshold of pain

To the land where trees stretch
Forever and over again

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