Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Prayers

Some time ago, tucked away in a cookbook, I found a prayer that my mother had copied out. Yesterday, while browsing through old books, I found another, of mine.

Prayers have always been an important part of our lives. I was introduced to them perhaps as other children are introduced to bed time stories. While we have Indian prayers that come to mind in all emergencies - powerful spiritual verses, we also have prayers for other times and moods.

I reproduce these two old prayers that at some moment struck a chord somewhere and were carefully put away for the years to come.

O Spring of wisdom, health and wealth
The beauty, the pleasure O the rest
O' master of all and subject to none
The only philanthropic one!
Me be beggar at thy door,
Praying beseechingly from the core
Long I not for worldly gain
Which I feel is dry and vain
Beg I one thing but O' Lord
A loving health to each and all
Grant this boon O' Lord to me
For Thou are love and love is Thee.

Lord, place that priceless jewel in my hands,
The pearl, Content; above all others rare;
Whether my star ascends or steadfast stands
Grant that I keep it bright within my care:
That others, seeing it, may seek and find,
Through Thee, this jewel, a contented mind.

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