Thursday, April 8, 2010

These are links to some of my science writing. The links are only accessible in India. The articles are published in Resonance (a science journal published by the Indian Academy of Sciences and Springer) in a column titled 'Face to Face'. They are interviews with scientists who have done outstanding and innovative research in India. These links can only be accessed within India.

1. Viewing Life Through Numbers - a discussion with Dr. C. Ramakrishnan

2. Of Mechanism, Microscopes and Methyl iscocyanate - a discussion with Dr. Sriramachari

3. Going Solo: Adventures in Organic Synthesis - a discussion with Dr. A.V. Rama Rao

4. Turning a New Leaf - a discussion with Dr. H.Y. Mohan Ram

5. The Challenge of Thor - a discussion with Dr. Anil Kakodkar

6. Seismic Rays, Satellites and Sea Winds - a discussion with Dr. Vinod K. Gaur

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