Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Dreams of a Scientist or The Cosmic Dance

(Sorry if it’s gory)

The polyp cluster of the sea
Raised its limbs up high
Ensnaring me effortlessly
As I fell from the sky.

While I thrashed within the fronds
Zooplankton did a dance
Bony fish swayed, devolved to form
Ancient elasmobranch.

And holding me were basking sharks
I could’nt drift away
My eyes burst into little sparks
As I hit a manta ray.

Missed my jugular by an inch
(.4 to be exact)
The stinging blow made me flinch
And then I heard a crack-

A dislocated humerus
-and mine! A cosmic joke..
As I struggled with a diagonal truss
My glenoidal labrum broke.

I watched my cartilage drift away
Form a gradient in steps
Spurred by this act, the manta ray
Began dissection more complex.

As it lashed out I felt twelve bursts
Ribs ground to an osseo-crumb
Eleven and twelve gave way first
Being unattached to my sternum.

In the emerald bay, red pools abound
Blood streams and I cease my action
Meanwhile the water that surrounds
Changes its coefficients of refraction.

Suddenly out flowed the tide
And flung me to the sky
Waiting for vertigo to subside
I was swooped on by a fly.

As I made eye contact with it,
I was outstared by its glance
Against those numerous ommatids
I really had no chance.

Trapped by a giant mutant fly!
A white minus Drosophila
I found, on looking above its eye
‘Twas also Antennapedia.

Flying with steady, practised flaps
We hit a cloud of smoke
I felt my alveoli collapse
As I began to choke.

Much before I saw the anthrax leer
I felt the deadly toxin
In vain the fly’s attempts to veer
We needed Ciprofloxacin.

The fly succumbed, let go of me
I fell through ozone holes
And landed in a magma sea
Of spewing, suffering souls.

I smelt the smoke and heard the hiss
And felt the thermophiles
Slithering up my epiglottis
Like globulets of bile.

As they sucked, they grew in sheen
I felt my fluids drain
Selectively they chose my spleen
But left untouched my brain..

My brain, afloat ‘midst fiery dunes
Swam at a rapid pace
So fast it spun that it was soon
Hurled into outer space.

Whizzing through horizons bright
Felt wild and young and free
And suddenly, distinctly light
As I changed to energy.

Then there it loomed – a giant hole
I guessed (I couldn't see)
Its emptiness outstretched my goal
Vacuity engulfed me.

Then just as sudden it collapsed
Of dirth there was a dirth
Before any more time elapsed
I targeted the Earth.

The polyp cluster of the sea
Raised its limbs up high
Ensnaring me effortlessly
As I fell from the sky.

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